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#1 We bring communities together!

Our contribution to Global Citizenship

Sustainable Learning Project (SLP) is a cross-cultural research initiative developed in Beijing by a team of teachers based in China and the UK, who together share a common interest in enhancing student’s world knowledge, learning skills and their ability to apply their knowledge in real life situations.


#2 We design ESD projects in schools!

Our contribution to Education for Sustainable Development

The UN places human development at the heart of Climate Action and wealth equality, and considers Education as both a measure and means of accomplishing global sustainability.

#3 We integrate Flow pedagogy with existing curriculums!

Our contribution to Research in International Education

Sustainable Learning Projects are founding on principles of Group Flow, and support Education for Sustainable Development via cross-cultural research in China and the UK. Individual and collective learning are explicitly and equally supported through tested project designs that intersect enhanced self-motivation, greater levels of autonomy, adaptability in learning, and the sustainability of self.


#4 We teach Sustainable Learning Skills!

Our contribution to Sustainable Leadership

Re-thinking how humans interact within natural and social environments and supporting equality through sustainable
means of wealth regeneration are pressing areas of
research and practice that teachers around the world are
experimenting with.

#5 We design Service-Learning projects!
Our contribution to EQ Learning and student well-being

SLP are a group of teachers and leaders in education who seek to better understanding whether our current practice provides young people with enough opportunity to discover and fulfil their full potential - and long enough to also contribute meaningfully to society. Put simply, are we helping young people to develop a sustainable mindset?

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